7 hp

Mastery 6
Channeling 9
Speed 2
Focus 3
Memory 4

Mana pool 6GGG


Sesshou was born from an egg at one of the many hatcheries scattered amonst the giant trees in the vast forrest on Kamigawa.
As he was born in the forest why not use the mana that was all around him and his tribe, he was fasicinated by the shamans tales of immense powers gained from the use of mana and the possibility to summon everything from friends to some of the greatest kamis of their world. He trained for some years a shaman and learned to harness and use the mana in the vast forest to help himself and grow stronger, but he soon realised he was meant for something else, he was not capable of handling the disciplined and boring ways of shamanism, so he choose to join the warrior ranks. Yet he did never forget what he had been learned as a shaman, the forest have immense powers that he put to great use while fighting for his tribe. But atlast not all can last forever, the tribe was attacked by several thousand kamis and many were killed by the sudden enemy, Sesshou fought amongst his brothers with great prowess of his mana affinity that he had gotten from his early shaman training. But in the end most of his warrior brothers and sisters were slain and lied half dead amongst eachother in a last attempt to overcome the enemy Sesshou took the fallen brothers, that had still breathing, asked to be offered in a last attempt to show their appriciation to their great Patron and honored them by doing so. As he did this he begged for help from the great Orochi Patron that started to emerge from all over the forest, millions of small green glowing snakes started combining before his eyes in to the great Orochi Patron. This also resulted in Sesshou igniting his spark resulting in him only catching a faint glimpse of the Patron as it was about to end the fight against the kami attacking. Sesshou landed on the plain of Dominaria in the great jungle of Jamuraa and survived there for several years by using what he had learnt as a shaman, using the very forest to help him survive and grow stronger. After several years in the great jungle of Jamuraa he finally ignited his spark again when nearly getting killed from the massive ice age that emerged from the great war between Urza and Mishra. This resulted in him landing on Ravnica where he stumbled upon another planeswalker he had appeared just beside. The planes walker he had landed by was a young “human-like” woman that later became his mentor and learnt him a lot about planeswalking and the powers that was gained from it.


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